Chipotle: Please Give the American Fork Crew Props

Just like the title says, the Chipotle in American Fork, Utah is incredible.

I know, this post is a big departure from the normal esports articles and film analysis pieces that frequent this blog, but this Chipotle has blown my mind again and again. I honestly feel like leaving them a 5-star review on whatever dining site is simply not enough.

I’ll go ahead an just squash this accusation right in the beginning. No. Chipotle did not pay me in any way for this post. In fact, other than walking in and ordering food, I’ve never been in contact with Chipotle in any capacity. Now that I’ve cleared that up, let me get to my story:

The American Fork Chipotle

My wife and I live in Orem, Utah. Orem has a Chipotle of our own, but we always make the extra effort and drive to the American Fork (AF) location. Why? Because the extra 15 minutes of driving is well worth the difference in service.

First, let me say that the Orem location is perfectly fine. In fact, the only reason we discovered our love of the AF Chipotle is because we’ve both met our parents there for lunch. Although Orem is good, AF blew our minds.

All the basic things are accounted for.

Clean? Check.

Friendly staff? Yessir.

Fast service? Definitely.

What puts it over-the-top is the employees. I don’t know who they have hiring the staff in AF, but they deserve to hire for the entire company.

As I said, my wife and I prefer the AF Chipotle so much we’re willing to pass others along the way to get there. We love it because of several great experience we’ve had there. Let me tell you about today.

Today’s story

Today I stopped in for an after-work dinner. My wife was out doing other things and I was too lazy to cook. I went up to the smiling employee at the counter (I wish I had gotten his name) and began ordering my typical order: Steak burrito bowl with veggies instead of rice and beans.

He quickly informed me that they were out of the fajita veggies, but that they were currently cooking more.

“If you want to wait, it will only be about 10 minutes.”

“Sure!” I agreed. I didn’t have anywhere to be anyways.

Chipotle steak burrito bowl
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The employee immediately said “Let me get you a drink for while you wait” and proceeded to give me both a cup for soda and a bag of chips to snack on. (I had to decline the chips for dietary reasons, but still, what a nice gesture.) I then filled up my cup and took a seat.

After what seemed like only a minute the employee let me know that the veggies were ready and began assembling my bowl. Veggies. Extra veggies. Steak. Mild and medium salsa. Cheese. Guac (yes, I do know it’s extra).

Once the bowl was put together the man began putting my order into the register. I reached into my wallet and pulled out my card, ready to pay. As soon as I had my card in my hand he looked up from the register’s screen and said:

“You know what? I made you wait a while for your food. This one is on me.”

Almost not believing it I replied with “Are you sure?”

“Of course! Have a great day!”

I was floored

Never have I been so high on the customer service I’ve received at a restaurant! I waited for my food, sure, but in my mind that does not mean Chipotle owes me anything. That means for the short wait I received a free drink, free chips, and my food for free as well.

After such a great, unexpected experience, I felt like giving the American Fork Chipotle a good review simply was not enough. They brighten my day and take care of my wife and I. Every. Single. Time. If the powers that be somehow read this post, please give the AF crew a huge pat on the back. My wife and I no longer go to any other Chipotle, because the best one in the nation is only a 15 minute drive away.

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